1K4SLO is a collection of businesses, action takers, and leaders in and around San Luis Obispo county that have pledged to be an advocate for our community by donating $1,000 per year to a local nonprofit or charity organization.

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In short, we are pooling our resources to make a difference in the Central Coast region. 1K4SLO member businesses each choose a nonprofit to give back to. We are supporting environmental causes, community health, animal welfare, education, homeless assistance, and more.


1K4SLO members are dedicated to the prosperity and well-being of this beautiful place we call home. We see the potential in joining forces with other leaders and businesses to have an exponential impact on our community.


Each 1K4SLO Member pledges $1,000 per year to one of our partner nonprofits. If their preferred nonprofit is not yet a 1K4SLO partner, they can easily introduce the organization to be included as a partner. 1K4SLO will hold member businesses accountable for their pledge by sending reminders each November. Members must provide proof of their donation each year to stay in good standing and continue to receive member benefits. By pooling our resources and each giving just $1k per year, member businesses collectively funnel large sums of money into often underfunded local nonprofits.

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  • It costs nothing to join 1K4SLO, other than a willingness to serve your community and a $1,000 yearly pledge to a local nonprofit. 1K4SLO itself charges no membership fees of any kind.

  • The application process is easy and quick. For businesses who want to join click here. Nonprofits who want to apply to be a 1K4SLO partner can click here.

  • Besides the gratification of knowing you are giving back to our wonderful Central Coast region, business members get a wide range of benefits from 1K4SLO after joining. Click here for a full list.

  • The $1,000 yearly donation was chosen because it is a sum of money that is easily accessible to most businesses. $1,000 in and of itself is a sizable donation, but by having the yearly pledge amount be within reach of the average company, more businesses are able to join in. This encourages larger community involvement and exponential giving. Instead of just a few companies giving large sums, 1K4SLO is set up to inspire hundreds of companies to come together to help the Central Coast region.

  • Nope! In fact, 1K4SLO is entirely volunteer funded and staffed. We do not accept monetary donations from outside parties at this time, nor do we charge any type of fee for member businesses or nonprofit partners.

  • Our nonprofit partners are chosen based on a strict set of principles that ensure the organization is doing work that directly benefits the San Luis Obispo county region. Nonprofits are pre-vetted so that our business members can be sure they are donating to a worthy cause and the money is being used responsibly. Prospective nonprofit partners are first required to fill out an application. A 1K4SLO representative will then follow up with an in depth interview that will determine their eligibility for partnership status.

  • Call 805-540-1359 or email to reach us with your questions or comments.

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